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Thread: New OC for McMaster Marauders

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    Quote Originally Posted by osprey View Post

    Most of the top recruits are on Coach Brady's D; does that mean that we lost some guys on that side of the ball with the Knox fiasco?

    Not much recruiting on the O. Do they seem to be happy with the guys we have there?
    I posted the list, quite a few on offence as well. With regard to your questions;

    1. Re Knox fiasco, it didn't have to be like that. Instead of using a game infraction as an excuse just fire the man if you wanted him out. I'd have respected a firing more than an excuse, certainly less cowardly. Have to give the Admin credit for hiring P back, I still say the only person that would have been readily accepted and pacify the masses.

    2. I don't know if they're happy with whom they have, even happy teams look for additional talent.
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