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That's false. The replacements are very rarely from outside Québec. From what I know, the vast majority if not all the Québec university coaches are from Québec and speak from good to excellent French. Laval is not the exception, it's the rule and that includes English universities (Bishop's, McGill and Concordia). It's simply essential for recruiting purposes.

The single and notable exception to that rule that I know of is Montréal's Anthony Calvillo. May I remind you, once again, that the Université de Montréal is a French institution and, from what I know of, all the rest of the staff (which probably includes thousands of employees) speak from good to excellent French. That includes the professors and even the top-notch researchers. So why make an exception for just a football coach?
Oh boy, if we start looking at all the exceptions being made in the name of university football, and then get rid of them all, you probably wouldn't much care for the results.