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Thread: Recruiting updates - Coaching changes for 2019 - Any updates welcomed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveBreatheFootball View Post
    Yes, it's a minor error.

    However, you are missing a huge point especially given that the aforementioned user's responses to others have been extremely immature over time. It wasn't one's first time nor the last time with such responses and at times unnecessary attempts to fuel aggressions, especially those aimed at Guelph and PG. One should know to behave better by this point, no?

    Also, your defence of such behaviour isn't helpful given the current situation. Just my thoughts.
    Hey, we can all make posts we wish we hadn't., as well as some posts like my own have sometimes been a tad too long, some posts here may be too short, etc
    I agreed with the comment that u of t had improved and they have. Happy for players and coaches. It's been a long time coming

    Let's all try and get along. Overall a great bunch here
    I enjoy many of your posts and insights of queen's fb
    Pg has some very insightful posts of g, and this is a great fb forum
    I learn something positive from each and everyone here
    Especially the humorous posts

    Back to the topic, I think it's going to be very interesting year in the cis
    A growing year.
    I didn't expect Laval would lose to montreal. And I hope the good guys, Laval come back and win the big one if the OUA can't do it this year, followed by Calgary
    I will say the top 10 this year is probably going to switch around a few times
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    Everything goes in cycles!

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