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Thread: Top 4 CIS Head Coaches for 2019

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    Default Top 4 CIS Head Coaches for 2019

    Interesting year - Of Your Top 3 or 4 pics - Who would you rank # 1?

    Here's mine....

    #1. Maybe a little biased but I'm going to go with Coach Stefan Ptaszek from Mac as #1 (also contributed to this was Coach Knox with his recruiting) - there was a lot of work to do to turn Mac around from last years problems, but the team was very well coached, good addition to OC, , both offence and defence are good and we won the Yates (IMO so far he's the Best HC of 2019)

    #2 #3 #4 in no particular order

    Wayne Harris of Calgary - Recruits well, and recovered well after some of the challenges he faced. After the loss of his OC last year to Guelph, he brought in PS, With injury to Sinagra, their backup QB Joseph performed well - they closed the season well. Let's see how they do against Mac.

    Jeff Cummins of Acadia - Great year for the Axemen. Won every game but the pre-season game. Solid QB, Passing game 2399 and their rushing game 1450 - 6th in the CIS - they lost a few games last year, but I really like what Jeff has done with the football program this year including at Defence. Hopefully they are able to keep it close against Montreal. If not, he's still had a very good year and this is the strongest team out of the AUS for a while.

    Greg Marshall of Western - Even though Western lost to us in the Yates - they did well throughout the year. He had a lot to work through in that he lost a lot of his coaches from last year, who left to coach other teams. Coaches Jean-Paul Circelli on O Line, Joe Circelli - D Line, Steve Snyder - OC, all those coaches leaving would be a big loss. That will impact a team especially if they're talented coaches - it will impact production on the field and also recruiting - not to mention, lost some of his ground game from the last couple years and Merchant got injured.


    Honourable mention....

    Glenn Constantin of Laval - always puts together an impressive team, -Strongest Defence in the CIS...And what makes that even more exceptional is that was After losing all of his DL However, this year Laval had some challenges on off, with an inexperienced QB. I expect that should be resolved next year with his QB having more experience. With some adjustments, & reviewing film vs the smurfs, Laval will be back on top again next year. This team consistently recruits well, and is well coached. Anything less than first place is a surprise.

    Scott Flory - Sask - did a good job this past couple years- but fell apart at the last hour against Calgary. Great ground game. And Defence is good against the rush, just need to step it up against the pass. Good job recruiting also.
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