Sorry boys that identifying racism is so difficult for many of you. Clearly you’re not sure what it is or what it looks like, most likely because it would involve taking a hard look in the mirror.

I could understand if the term 'Redmen' truly referred to Gaelic warriors or the school’s original founders, but officially adopting indigenous logos during the 1980s forever discredits this argument (even if at best it demonstrates the meaning evolved as more offensive over time or for a portion of time). To continue with the line of thought there is no cultural disrespect intended when factual examples of intent are laid at your feet, is ignorant. So no apologies here. I provided an apt description of character.

I hate racism. I’ve seen it my whole life. I’ve known very few people who are transparently racist. It’s almost always a quality they don’t believe themselves to possess. And if it’s not identified it won’t change … in individual people, or institutions (like McGill), or cultures of people (like mainstream Canadians). So when I hear a major point of contention being that we should be concerned that wealthy McGill alumni will now choose not to donate to the school or send their kids there (as if their financial clout and social standing should always be the determinant for whose perspective should carry more value), this line of thought only underscores further that racism has always been about history, institutions and power. I choose to fight racism when I see it – it’s unfortunate the forum is a football chat room relating to a game I love and generally think of as an escape from the politicized issues of the real world. But that’s where I found it, repeated over and over and over in this thread.