The name USports makes no sense. The website which grew out of the rebrand has been an abysmal failure. The name cannot be abbreviated, except to "US". If they wanted to use the USports name as a marketing thing, like "U-Cup" in men's hockey, that would be fine. Then if it fizzled they just drop it and move on, like with all marketing slogans.

They could have even called the organization something like "University Sports Canada" or "Canadian University Sports", which could have the same logo as what they adopted and at least would have had an abbreviation, "USC" or "CUS".

I saw the promo video made by the clowns who thought of it. The fools thought they nailed it. They seemed proud of the fact that the name was equally stupid in French and English.

The rebrand was also a negative because it happened in mid-season, so that teams started playing CIS football, and ended with no such thing in existence. Very bush league. And it resulted in yet another URL. In just about 10 years, they had 4 URLs.

For a good joke read their "welcome" blurb:

A year ago, the even celebrated their "accomplishment":

Finally, why waste the money? When you consider the money spent on logos by schools and by conferences, one has to ask where it has accomplished any goals. If that money were put to travel, audio or video broadcasting, or developing programming for private broadcasters to use it would have accomplished way more.