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Thread: Riches get richer - Guelph & Laval use virtual reality training

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    Like most new technology this one is expensive at first. Then with a larger customer base, mass production and competition the price falls. A quick search of the internet tells me that several US university teams have been using it since at least 2015, and there are a handful of companies now selling football software. One called EON is selling a software subscription package for $800us a year. You can use their software on a smart phone and a laptop. I presume you need a different package for each position you want it for. They even say they have developed a goggle to use with it that they will sell for $99US. How many would a team need? I imagine only a few are in use at any given time.

    As time passes ,and the price falls, and more teams start using it, other teams may have to get it to stay competitive.

    Raising money to buy the technology right now is a good project for alumni associations, such as the 1881 Gee-Gees Football Alumni Association. (that is a hint)

    A team can start small, with a QB package, then a RB pkg. , then a WR package, adding as time goes on.

    Technology is making football expensive over time. I am thinking of the Robotic Tackling Dummies at about $10000 a pop. Then there is the sideline iPad system that several teams are using to instantly review plays and make adjustments. Now Virtual Reality Training. Where will it end? Teams have to keep up or quit football..
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