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Thread: Greg Knox suspended for altercation with an official (?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oil Thigh View Post
    Really amazing - suspended for 2 games and name tarnished yet no info on what happened.

    If something happened then investigate, suspend and release info.

    If no conclusions yet on investigation then why suspend?

    Damage has been done so if now cleared then this is just crazy.
    Nothing that has taken place regarding this situation makes much sense. It can't take this long to figure out what happened and provide an update.
    The way this is playing out, it does not appear that the final outcome will be a favourable one for Knox at Mac. And go figure, we lost against Waterloo today. Not taking anything away from Waterloo who have been developing a strong offence - and they have a great QB, but our offence really struggled in this game.
    Everything that has happened since the game in question involving Knox, has had a negative impact on the team.

    Also interesting is that media have been staying very quiet on this - much too quiet. Perhaps they've been shut down - given the no comment by Mac.
    Anyway, wishing the best for Knox, he's certainly contributed to the team....It can't be an easy time for him, or the players and rest of the coaching staff on the team.

    Thanks Peter for providing the updates on this from the Univ website. Hopefully I am wrong and things end favourably for Knox, and all involved and that this ends up being just a long process and misunderstanding, miscommunication.
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