Some OUA specific playoff analysis to build off of Hollywood's good work.

Assuming Western and Laurier will qualify and win their games against lower seeded teams (kudos to Waterloo but I think Laurier is a step above others).

Also assuming the Jabronis lose to the teams they should the mushy middle of the OUA - Carleton, Ottawa, Mac, Guelph, Waterloo and Queen's - has 6 going for 4 spots with the assumed standings to be:

Carleton 5-2 tough games left - Ottawa
Ottawa 4-2 - Carleton and Queen's
Waterloo 4-2 - Mac and Guelph
Mac 3-3 - Waterloo and Queen's
Guelph 3-3 - Queen's and Waterloo
Queen's 2-3 - Guelph, Mac and Ottawa

Therefore, there are 6 important games left to play

Week 5: Queen's at Guelph
Week 6: Ottawa at Carleton
Week 7: Queen's at Mac
Week 8: Mac at Waterloo
Week 9: Waterloo at Guelph and Queen's at Ottawa

The top 3 teams (Carleton, Ottawa and Waterloo) are likely in if they win 1 of these games and Carleton may already be in. Queen's likely needs to run the table.