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    I believe that the AFL does not have the same eligibility requirements as AUS teams. I believe that many teams have players that are either no longer eligible to play AUS, or have other issues preventing them from playing AUS. Other teams, such as Holland College (which could play as UPEI) and Dalhousie offer teams as an option for students that want to attend these schools, but still want to play football. These could be potential candidates to join the AUS.

    In my opinion, it is a step backwards to have the AUS teams leave USports and join the AFL. I would much prefer to see more teams playing at a higher level. To me, the best option to spark involvement in the sport is to get a CFL team in Halifax. There are a long list of challenges facing AUS teams. But, these have been overcome in both hockey and Basketball. The difference is that football is the only big sport that's not played consistently at the grass roots level. If a CFL team helps kids believe they can be football players, then let's get it done ASAP.
    I think this paragraph, especially that bolded sentence, describes my sentiments the best way possible and may explain the whole issue with AUS right now. I doubt the situation will improve by just dropping out of CIS - that's not the way to go anyway.

    Let's look at other sports as you pointed out, and we see that it's not impossible for AUS to fix it (but it'll take some time, let's be fair). Nova Scotia has fielded some very strong teams in both men's and women's basketball, whether it be in junior level or CIS competitions. And of course, we all know UNB's like Laval of men's hockey St-FX women's rugby, but the whole conference is strong for both sports. AUS has also fielded some great teams in association football (Cape Breton) even though AUS, in both men's and women's volleyball, are having issues similar to football. Cross country, Aquatics and Athletics are individual sports, so I'll skip that anyway.

    A question to Maritimers familiar with hockey: Would the strong presence of prep school hockey in maritimes be playing into that? : Based on my almost-decade watching Sea Dogs and the QMJHL overall, I feel like this may be a particular factor. Maritimes always had strong presence with its prep school hockey- Rothesay and King's-Edgehill are two that I had in mind in particular and those programs are good in hockey.

    But then those schools do not field 10 or 12-player teams for football, unlike those out in Ontario (SMC/UCC/SAC in the GTA) or Quebec. I do not know what the reasons may be, and I doubt my friends from the Maritimes (very high representation of Maritimers in Queen's, especially in my department) would be able to answer in regards to football. It might be because of school size, institutional focus or various factors- can anybody familiar with prep schools in Maritimes answer this question?
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