The new measures will limit teams to a coaching staff of 11 and other football operations staff to 17. The total compensation for those 28 employees is not to exceed $2.738 million. Player salaries are capped at $5.2 million for the upcoming season.

These measures, passed recently by the league’s board of governors, will go into effect for the 2019 season

The league is also planning to enact measures that would control costs on other non-player football expenses, like mini-camps and scouting budgets.
This came about after the league office reviewed the full finances of all 9 of their teams. The new commissioner has taken the line that he's not interested in reporting just the financials of the league office, as that is a very small part of the overall CFL business. He wants to look at the financials of the league and all of its teams as a whole, and use that to determine where the league is at.

They noticed that these operational costs were growing far faster than revenues, and wanted to stop that escalation.

It would be very interesting to have someone take a similar approach at the USports level. It'd be an even more complicated picture though, with dozens of schools spread out over four conferences playing multiple sports. Even looking at just football would paint an interesting picture, albeit an incomplete one.