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I know you find it silly, but there needs to be some give and take if there is going to be a nation wide league. The pendulum swung too far to the wild west side of things, not just with the expensive trips and jerseys, but also the O'Connor recruiting. At some point the value of the benefits being given to these "amateur" athletes falls outside of reasonable. It is supposed to be school sport, not semi-pro.

Giving a little on the more inconsequential stuff may keep enough members happy to prevent a more drastic attempt to level the playing field that would impact the calibre of play. There are far more teams in the "can't afford Florida" boat than there are teams who wish to go.

We have 19 professional coaches voting that they do not believe such trips should be occurring. If these trips were crucial to building competitive university football teams, you wouldn't see the coaches speaking out against it. Generally it is the admin side pushing for restrictions; not the head coaches. The coaches usually want as much control of what their programs do or don't do as possible.

Using indoor turf facilities in Canada is more cost effective, and they benefit the entire sports community rather than just a single football team.
I HATE to see this, but it seems to me that some universities are telling other universities how to run their football programs.

One of the reasons Laval has been so successful in the past is because they are thinking outside the box, and the Florida trip is one instance. What's next? Reducing the number of coaches to the lowest denominator of the lowest team? Prohibition from practicing on indoor turfs until all teams have access to one?

In the recent past, Western, Montreal, UBC, McMaster and Queen's proved that one doesn't need indoor facilities or Florida trips to win the Vanier Cup...

What's next? Prohibiting Laval from holding Yoga sessions, thus preventing them from being Zen before games?