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Thread: What an evening for the Western Mustangs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superfun Happy Slide View Post
    Hey, I thought this forum had a dealo that the Vanier winning team became everyone's defacto profile pic?

    Superfun Happy Slide: Poor, poor imitation of a real fan. NOBODY ever put on the Avatar of the Vanier winning team just because a team was lucky enough to win the VC.

    A long tradition of Avatar challenges has disappeared from this site, due no doubt to the breed of new fans who are too centered on their cell phones, Facebook and trying to find the appropriate place to insert a stupid emoji. The pride of being a fan went the way of the rotary phone.

    Real fans enjoyed putting their pride in their team on the line on a regular basis. Very few of those real fans cheered for contenders to the Vanier Cup. But they took a malicious pleasure in insulting fans of their opponents throughout the season and eventually ended up wearing the Avatar of the team which defeated theirs. Their teams may keep losing games, but those real fans kept their pride...

    For reasons which escape me, the new breed of fans must believe they are the ultimate aristocrats. They're scare of "embarrassent" should they lose a bet causing them to change their Avatar for a week. Personally, I think they're plain stupid because, instead of their Avatar, they prefer losing bottles of booze year in and year out.

    This thread has 50 posts. Of all the members who posted, only 12 sports an Avatar. The rest of them are too self-centered (chicken) to show their colours. Reason why I lost interest in Why bother reading posts from a nobody from the Y generation whose opinion cannot be linked to something tangible, like the team "it" supports? Total waste of time... . Sporting an Avatar gives you credibility.

    Believe it or not, the last VC Avatar challenge goes back to 2012, and, not surprisingly, every poster sported an Avatar.

    For Superfun Happy Slide and the rest of the Avatar-less Y generation; check the early threads at the link below to learn about Avatar Challenges.
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    VC @ PEPS - No better place to have it!!!

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