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Thread: Greg Marshall returns Western to greatness

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    Gawd ! If they poured anymore syrup on this thing , all the readers would end-up diabetic !

    All that's missing to make a decent Disney movie is a football catching dog as a lovable mascott, and an Evil School A.D. bent on shutting down Football to transfer the $$ to Hockey
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    Train ride to a home game..$80, season tickets $198. Beer and hotdogs at the game $20, Championship Cap and player's jersey,$100.
    Trip to Vanier Cup 2012,$500. Trip to 2013 Vanier Cup and having a cool lunch with Jim Mullin the next day, $200.
    Being a fan of the only team with 4 consecutive years in the Championship Game, 3 Vanier Cups in front of THEM , 9 Vanier Cups ahead of UdeMontreal...PRICELESS

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