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The Carleton revival has completed its fifth season ... the initial five year financial plan that Carleton imposed on The Old Crows has run out. Nothing has been said about how much money is now in the kitty. Remember that the Carleton BOG said that they would not approve any university funds going to the team's operating expenses. Has John Ruddy or other major donors infused more cash into the program? The silence on this matter has been deafening.
The Ravens initial budget was under a million dollars. And a good chunk of that [$120,000 - $130,000 range IIRC] was for one time capital expenses. Operating budget was approximately $850,000. Their initial Exec Dir signed a bunch of national companies to 5-year sponsorship deals that were worth $300,000 per year. Then, there is all the ticket revenue which might be worth $200,000-250,000 a year. There are lots of other possible revenue sources.

How much were the beer sales worth? Fundraising activities the past 5 years? There was a $500,000 donation a couple years ago. Do the Ravens players pay fees like players do at other OUA schools? That is probably worth $30,000-40,000 per year.

Lots of speculation here but, it seems to me, that the Old Crows may still have a good chunk, perhaps most, of their initial $5 million in the bank.