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    Quote Originally Posted by Thoughts View Post
    1. Western: 8-0.
    2. Laurier: 7-1 with a loss to Western. They were the 2nd best in the conference last year and I think they will be neck and neck with Guelph for that spot again.
    3. Guelph: 7-1 with a loss to Laurier. They got by far the best schedule of playoff teams (in terms of how they are set up to get a bye in the playoffs, not in terms of the competitive spirit) as they miss Western and Carleton who is, along with Waterloo, the only dangerous non-playoff teams.

    The Jumble: I don't know how the tie breakers would work here so I just wrote them out in the order I thought of them in.

    4. Mac: 4-4 with losses to Western, Laurier, Guelph, Ottawa. People seem to be thinking Mac is going to take a step back and, while I am always hesitant to underrate the Mac Men, they are farther and farther from the 2011-2014 glory days that I always think of. The Ottawa win I am picking as Ottawa has actually been able to beat Mac often (for two teams of different tiers) since the 2014 season finale.
    5. Ottawa: 4-4 with losses to Western, Laurier, Guelph, Carleton. If they can win the Panda it would go a long way toward getting back to the upper middle of the conference but I just can't see it happening as of now. The upset over Mac is what gets them in the playoffs, depending on tie breakers.
    6. Carleton: 4-4 with losses to Western, Laurier, Queens, Waterloo. Their rebound will be almost entirely a product of scheduling as they basically get 3 automatic wins over York, U of T, Windsor. The keys for them are Ottawa (which, god damn it, I can't pick against them with 4 in a row right now), Queens, and Waterloo.
    7. Waterloo: 4-4 with losses to Western, Laurier, Mac, Guelph. They get 3 auto wins over the bottom feeders and beat Carleton again.
    8. Queens: 3-5 with losses to Western, Laurier, Guelph, Mac. They get 2 auto wins and then their key is the Ottawa and Carleton games. I think they split those and lost to Ottawa.

    The rest don't really matter sadly.
    Western: 8-0 - I think everyone can agree on that.

    Guelph: 7-1 - I think they should be favoured in all 8 games but, until they prove otherwise, their inconsistency on offense makes me think they could stumble and lose a game they should have won. Their losses to Mac in 2014 and Queen's in 2015 are perfect examples of how likely 8-0 seasons end up 7-1.

    Laurier: 6-2 - The real question here is "does QB David Knevel return for year six?". The Hawks also lose some veterans on their O & D lines.

    McMaster: 5-3 - Mac's biggest issue is that the quality and depth on their OL and DL is not close to what it was in their "glory years".

    Carleton: 5-3 - Failing to make the playoffs last year gives Carleton the soft schedule needed to assure them a return to the playoffs. A 6-2 record (or 4-4) is possible. Can their luck in the Panda continue?

    Ottawa and Queen's: They have identical schedules. Their head-to-head match-up will be critical. Can either beat Carleton or Mac? They could finish tied at 3-5 or one makes it to 4-4. Only one of these two makes the playoffs.

    Waterloo: 3-5 - Maybe 4-4 if they can beat Carleton. I don't see them taking down any of Western, Laurier, Guelph or Mac.

    Toronto, Windsor, York: Hopefully no one goes 0-8. It is hard to see any of these teams winning more than two games. Best shot at it is probably Windsor
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