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    I'm assuming that was a shot at Ottawa's schedule? They play York after their bye week and they actually do face Queens coming off a bye week, a game in which you said looks like a playoff positioning battle. That game is also right after playing Western.

    Did I misinterpret this? I assumed it was a shot at Ottawa's schedule but I don't really see how they have an easy one aside from getting Mac, Guelph, and Western at home. With Mac and Guelph back to back and preceded by Laurier, and the Western game probably unwinnable anyway, how is that an easy schedule?
    I have no issue at all with Ottawa's schedule. I don't consider a playoff contender getting a bye week before they face a bottom feeder advantageous. That applies to Guelph and Ottawa equally as they play UofT and York after their byes.

    Based on my assumptions Ottawa will most likely be competing with Carleton & Queen's for the final playoff spots. [Mac, and maybe Waterloo, could also be a part of that group.] The schedule advantages CU over Ottawa and Queen's, but with Ottawa and Queen's having the same non-combatants their head-to-head will be crucial.
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