Who does your team play after their bye week?
Does your team have to face another team coming off a bye week?

Toronto gets the dreaded Week 1 bye, then hosts Waterloo.

Western has the Week 2 bye which gives them an extra 7 days to prep for Mac.

Laurier has the extra 7 days to prep for Waterloo.

Mac has a bye week before they host Queen's.

Windsor has their bye before they face UofT.

Waterloo gets their bye before they face McMaster. Guelph and York also have Thanksgiving Week byes. That is nice timing for a break but their Week 8 matchups [Toronto / Carleton] are not likely impacted.

Queen's has 14 days to prep for their season finale against Ottawa. That looks like a playoff positioning battle to me.

Carleton has a Week 9 bye which might be helpful if they are playing in a Q-Final.