The schedule is skewed toward non-playoff teams missing playoff teams right and vice-versa right?? That's the only explanation I see for Carleton, York, Waterloo, Windsor, and U of T all missing 2 playoff teams each. This all holds true except for Guelph vs. Western which I just don't get. It's almost as if they specifically don't want that game to happen.

I feel like Carleton, aside from the above factor for this year if it is the case and last year's schedule, always get a very easy one. Their away games are Windsor, Waterloo, York, and U of T. Only Waterloo should pose a threat there, the rest should be fairly easy wins. They get Western, Laurier, and Queens at home though they do get the screw in having Panda as a home game. If they miss the playoffs again I imagine that staff gets the axe.