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For Ottawa and Carleton I feel like it's such a mental block Carleton has against the GG's that, even when they were winning in the 4th quarter I didn't believe it would hold.

For Mac I feel like the issue is not as mental as with the Panda teams but there is still probably a bit of a mental block there. Also I feel like Ottawa and Carleton are both thoroughly mediocre in the grand scheme whereas Mac and Guelph have achieved much more so they have farther to fall if that makes sense. With two teams who have won the Yates there is more variance than two teams who cannot get behind the semis.

I checked too, PG is right Guelph last beat Mac in the regular season 2015 then lost to them in 2016 regular season and playoffs and 2017 regular season. 3 in a row is nice but it's not 6 in a row.
When you consider how close three of the four Panda Game were , it is not out of the question to put it down to a mental block and big game nerves. That can be overcome. Perhaps the Gee-Gees need to sit down with a good sport psychologist and learn how to overcome it.

The Carleton revival has completed its fifth season. They lost some really good players at the end of the 2016 season and failed to make the playoffs in 2017. They lose a bunch more players this coming season due to their eligibility running out. So it could be a new ball game.
Also, the initial five year financial plan that Carleton imposed on The Old Crows has run out. Nothing has been said about how much money is now in the kitty. Remember that the Carleton BOG said that they would not approve any university funds going to the team's operating expenses. Has John Ruddy or other major donors infused more cash into the program? The silence on this matter has been deafening.