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Exactly what I had in mind.

You and I both agree that Queen's isn't short of mony, but thry're just going yhrough...lst years of Bowden FSU phase. Perfect time for transition.
I wouldn't agree that it is Bowden-like. Bowden was still winning national championships when he was Pat Sheahan's age. I think it is more about Queen's not having found their niche yet in the new OUA.

Guelph and Carleton upset the apple cart when it comes to recruiting and resources. Queen's recruiting formula no longer worked as well as it had. You now had multiple OUA teams able to recruit nationally where Queen's had been unique in that.

Guelph has recruited more high academic student-athletes than they ever did before. Prospects with 90% averages who wanted to study engineering didn't choose Guelph in the past. That cuts into Queen's territory. Ten years Guelph wouldn't have landed Ethan Martin as they just did. That would have been a battle between Queen's and Western, with Mac possibly involved as well.