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Good article, P coming back to McMaster was likely based on him getting a teaching position.

With regard to Toronto, a few posters here have slagged the position with regard to recruiting, admissions, etc. I don't see it the same way, neither do some coaches I've talked to. Toronto would be a dream job for a coach that wants to work, they have the facilities, the budget, far more resources than most OUA teams.
Dream job? That's a little over the top. I would expect they have more resources than Windsor, Waterloo, Laurier, maybe York and Mac too. I don't see them being ahead, let alone far ahead, of Ottawa, Carleton, Queen's, Guelph and Western.

Even if UofT might be middle-of-the-pack in the OUA in terms of budget and resources, the location is a problem. The split campus issue alone will always hurt recruiting. The only thing UofT might have far more of are AFA resources - i.e. endowment money already "in the bank" to fully fund AFAs.

For example, Western's internal report on their athletic programs makes it clear that they have a "structural deficit" and are using budget money to make up the difference of AFA funding. McMaster is in the same position. Guelph only had endowment money to fund 1/3 of allowed scholarships prior to their Triple Victory Project raising $2 million. UofG is still not 100% endowed because some of the donations were pledged over 3 to 5 years. Plus there is a 12-month vesting period.

The biggest issue at UofT has always been institutional support. If the new A.D. can deliver that, then the HC job becomes a good one.