Re: 5year Junior/2year CIS players

I'm staying out of the specifics of other teams recruiting. But in general for the best 5 year juniors(2 years left) that put up top notch results in the CJFL it CAN be a good fit, especially to get a veteran player to contribute immediately. Sometimes its not a good fit that happens also.

Worst case one of your younger up and coming players beats out the Junior for the starter spot. Fine you lose a roster spot but the next year its open again if the junior guy doesn't earn a place on the team. Sometimes it seems a little hit and miss with these players but could you imagine getting Andrew Harris from the VI Raiders for 2 years? My point is there are some f'n good Football players coming from Junior and the numbers of them in the CFL shows this. Everyone here already knows all this but the general casual Canadian football fan definitely UNDERAPRECIATES Junior, which is sad.