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Thread: Recruiting for 2018 - Any Updates Welcomed

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    The first paragraph is not true, in fact we signed a Calgary Colt receiver today. I hear there will be more to come.
    Recruiting a CJFL player doesn't necessarily discount a statement about "not wanting to recruit junior players." That is different than saying "he won't recruit junior players." While I'm glad he's found a CJFL receiver, likely out of desperation because of the talent depletion at the position, the Huskies have over 20 commits, and now 1 junior. How many members of the 4 time defending national champion Hilltops have been recruited to the 2018 Huskies?

    I don't fault Flory for last year's small class, because his late hire was the culprit. But that opened an opportunity for this year's recruiting class. He can take a large class and, because of player graduation and a smaller roster in 2017, offer the hope of playing time, the great facilities we have in place, not to mention a very promising young QB that a future roster can be built around (standout receivers should be anxious at the thought of catching balls thrown by Mason Nyhus). There is no excuse not to have a good recruiting class this spring - it's all on him. Numbers alone don't cut it either, we need impact players and I'm not seeing many of them on our 2018 class list, so far, and our best local talent - high school and junior - seem to be going elsewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    The second paragraph is not true, according to the stats 2nd year receiver Baker was their second best receiver.
    I respectfully disagree. According to the stats, Baker had their second most receiving yards, that doesn't necessarily make him the second best receiver. Baker is a nice receiver and I hope he takes another step forward in 2018, but I thought Kopchynski especially, and Braun, somewhat, were better receivers. Is Siemens a better rusher than Tyler Chow? Is Chow the 4th best rusher on this team? I think we would both agree that he is the best, yet if we used just the stats, he would be the 4th best.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    I think the offence will be similar to last year, just need to get our running backs healthy!
    We haven't had an elite offence since 2009, perhaps 2010, so I really don't want it to be similar to last year because that isn't good enough. We're replacing an irreplaceable receiver - that alone is going to have a huge effect on the passing game. I echo your thoughts about running back health, and that area of our offence should be improved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    Your last sentence, well....., I am trying to remain positive!
    Credit to you for that - I wish I could share your optimism! I tried that last year after some of Flory's coaching hires and the 2-0 start. But 6 straight losses to end the season, multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties from the bench in winable games, the most dropped passes I can remember in a single season, a rapidly shrinking fan base that negatively impacted gate revenue along with the likely effect it will have on the team's 2018 budget, and a refusal from a new dean and the rest of his hiring committee to refresh a program needing it by signing a coach from outside the program have left me believing that a playoff winless streak dating back to 2009, and only 1 postseason win since 2006, will continue well into the forseeable future.

    Also, let's remember that the Huskies won the schedule lottery last season by only having to face the Dinos' once, and having our one game with the Rams played in Saskatoon. I'll be surprised if we don't have a tougher schedule this year and I think we'll be fortunate to match our 2 win total from last season - and it'll likely be worse than that if our kicker isn't back. Let's hope that's not the case.
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