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Thread: Recruiting for 2018 - Any Updates Welcomed

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    Noticed that U of T, has brought in about 50 or so recruits. Quite the class for them this year. Western and Guelph look to be recruiting quite well. Queens has added 2 QBs to their class along with many other players, Waterloo looks good on the recruiting end so far.
    In the AUS, teams are not recruiting as well as last year. The turmoil and publicity have had a bit of a negative effect especially earlier on..things are picking up a bit now.
    So far FX leads the pack with numbers, Bish and Mt. A neck and far.
    CW, Calgary are bringing in some impressive recruits and a large group, as expected. Regina, and Sask, Alberta, & UBC look to have a decent class. Wont really know until the season is underway of course, but they seem to be adding decent players to their base.
    And of course, last but not least. The Q. Laval has again added to their talent base. And of course so has Montreal. Btwn these two it keeps things interesting in the Q
    Should be an exciting year and looking forward to the season to start. Will be interesting to see how the 2018 recruits are doing, and what impact they are making to their teams or not. With the coaching changes this year, will be looking to see how that impacts the teams. U of T off to a good start - has to be the largest recruiting class for them.

    All the best to all teams.

    I have updated for the most part the list of recruits which can be found on the first post of the first page of this thread.....i still need to add more info on the recruit themselves, but for the most part, the info is there
    If you know of any recruits - coaches I may have missed, or any info I may have missed, would appreciate the updates. Thanks,
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