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    I do apologize about the post I made about the Acadia player.
    It was wrong. There were consequences. And rightfully so.
    I took the moral high ground and defended teams including SMU when rumours started circulating by 2-4, then others
    Some comments, rumours had gotten excessive, and I reacted.

    As you know, I am not perfect. Far from it.
    So a negative comment I made, after a story came out in the media even suggesting other members of the team should be tested was wrong.
    It was negative speculation and considering I have been against others doing that, & strongly opposed that, it was hypocritical of me to do, to judge

    It doesn't matter what others did or matters more what - I myself did/said. Two wrongs do not make a right. It is important to be accountable.

    The young Acadia man made a mistake. We all make mistakes.
    He had nothing to do with the rest of the team. Hopefully things work out for the better in his life & he turns his life around & gets a second chance. He most likely missed out on what would have been a good university education, football opportunities, friendships

    As for SMU, the AUS, hopefully they get everything sorted out and things back on track.
    They all need to communicate more effectively, neither side handled this well
    The conference, team, CIS were all to blame
    There were better ways of managing this
    That said, it would be a shame to see any team fold due to negative press, politics, conflict of interest from the conference, or mistakes the team themselves made, leading to an inability to recruit, etc.
    Let's hope everyone involved learned something from this.

    The CIS certainly needs to address the eligibility rules, so that this does not happen again moving forward
    I also feel there needs to be a governing body that the conferences need to listen to - that matters can't be taken into their own hands
    That tug of war between CIS & conference appeared political and questionable. It also became very costly. Everything needs to be well laid out.
    To prevent this in future Coaches and teams need to have all the information on their players before the season starts and confirmed with CIS.
    Additionally any eligibility issues & discrepancies, all teams need to report early - there should be a deadline for teams reporting on one another.
    Having to go to court last minute, would make it next to impossible of fighting any accusations, would obviously change the structure & most likely impact playoff games & be costly

    All the best to all teams next year, as well as all their fans.
    Let's hope for a great 2018, may it be the best recruiting year so far, and also improving fan support, investments.

    Great to see a team today from the OUA do so well. While I was disappointed it wasn't Mac, I was glad to see OUA representation in what might have been the best Vanier Cup in years.
    It was disheartening hearing constantly, that the OUA was weak. Even I came to believe it.
    It was also great to see Waterloo improve this year.
    Hoping Mac gives Western a run for their money next year.
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