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Congrats to Ed Ilnicki! What a total class act! And I hear a 4.0 GPA to add to his accomplishments in one of the most prestigious Business programs in Canada. And last year when the Bears were 1-7 and the victims of a few lopsided scores he was a model of teamwork and perseverance. It is so reassuring to know that the player deemed to be the most valuable collegiate football player in Canada is so well-rounded, possessing a breadth of character by which he is not fully defined by football. The truest representation of a student-athlete! * Beast-mode running aside, he is one of the best I have ever seen at any level at stiff arming an opposing tackler (he gives no hint the stiff arm is coming and brings it out so fast in a manner that seems late-timed but in fact is perfectly timed, that most often the defender doesn't see it coming, his helmut pushed to the ground as #4 flies by).

The Bears will dearly miss him next year. But based on what I hear, he is that special once in a generation player whose full impact on his teammates was/is immeasurable - to the extent that instead of his graduation leaving his team in disarray, the Bears will actually prosper in his absence because of the full impact of leadership he has demonstrated and passed on.

I got an e-mail from the RedBlacks today saying that they had signed Ilnicki.