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    I'll be crossing my fingers for Ottawa , and praying not to end-up in Edmonton, no offense to CanWest but northern Alberta in late Nov has no appeal to me, even before factoring the travel costs. I can freeze at home for a lot cheaper.
    Wayyyyy out here in western Canada northern Ontario doesn't exactly have much appeal to us either. We can freeze at home for a lot cheaper!

    I'm sorry, of course I'm being sarcastic, but the number of posts that are devoid of rationale and skewered by a pro-Ontario bias is a little over the top. God forbid if someone suggests Atlantic Canada has a voice in this Vanier debate. Actually I thought the sub-freezing temperatures at this year's Grey Cup added a great deal to the game's drawing power.

    Jim's point about the Canadian college game's need for collective solidarity and setting our differences aside (divisiveness) is well taken.
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