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Agreed but Laval is the outlier. Not only are they more or less expected to be in the game every year but they actually have a city that cares about CIS football, for reasons we have discussed many times before. I agree we would never see anything like the 2016 game but I'm not saying Hamilton is a better location than Laval (not by a long shot), just better than Edmonton.
Anyway I don't really like it when it's hosted here

I'd much prefer they find some place elsewhere when possible. Traveling for a game makes it more special. Plus, the weather here often gets pretty uncomfortable. Places further south and away from the wind corridors makes for a much better experience.

On my list of locations I'd love to see host the game are Ottawa and Guelph. With Western as a distant third.

Do it at those places at least once. Then repeat a few years down the road if everyone is interested. The novelty factor alone will increase interest and participation.

I don't see why that couldn't be done. In my opinion, the major issues lie with the requirements the CIS puts on the hosting organization.

The financial demands are just too high for anyone not named Laval. And in my mind that could be solved by restructuring the way the event is financed. Pool money at the CIS (coming from member schools in large part) and use that pool to pay for the big expenses (stadium, everything all-canadian, etc...). Return most eventual profits to the pool to finance future VCs.

That would leave a more reasonable load for the hosting school.

Sounds simple enough. In theory.