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    You know, there's a way to tell the public nationally that a national championship is being staged. It usually involves a press release, a press conference with all the stakeholders announcing it together in one place. It's not the first time we've seen Laval let the cat out of the bag, either. (...)
    Yes. You're right. Honestly, Laval prepared for their own fall.

    Instead of sending their renewal notice for season ticket holders in febuary, they sent it right after the Vanier and changed the due date to Mars 16. I held renewing until today. Last week, I received a call from them. I explained I was about to renew my tickets but found it ridiculously early before febuary or even mars. The idiot on the other end replied, and I swear this is true, you'll have your tickets that much earlier... ... ... What's the fu king (*) use of having ticket months before you use them???

    All this to say the 16 mars due date killed them. They had to move fast to get that 70 bucks early. Honestly, I don't understand Laval's football management.

    * I do not swear as proven by this image:

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