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You know, there's a way to tell the public nationally that a national championship is being staged. It usually involves a press release, a press conference with all the stakeholders announcing it together in one place. It's not the first time we've seen Laval let the cat out of the bag, either.
In January 2018, the Laval organization withdrew its candidacy to hold the VC because USports was delaying announcing the host city.


In 2013, Tanguay announced on Feb 7 that Laval would hold the VC game. This year's announcement was on Feb 20.

Jim: I can understand you having USports's back. Again, I have Tanguay's back because he's dealing with an organization which does not understand the meaning of "pi$$ or get off the pot"...

This thread was started on Nov 21, 2017, and it took 3 months +1 day before before we found out where the VC will be held.

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Somethings never change, I suppose.
Yep! USports is still run by people who would never make it to middle management in any self-respected firm (or organization...)