There's all kinds of room for conflict with that scenario. Sponsorship would be at the core of it. USports doesn't share sponsors with AUS and OUA (RSEQ and CW don't have paying sponsors). That's a big deal. It's the reason why CIS lost Desjardins in 2011... because Scotiabank was painted on the field of BC Place and it wasn't coming off.

If there is anything that is clear in the management of this event over the years it's that continuity has been broadly variable. They need consistent management focused on delivering the event.

I don't mind the idea of rotating it through the four regions. Asking the conferences to do it is asking for communication gaps, deliverables not be delivered and inconsistency in product presentation. At least going to Laval all the time gives the game some consistency.

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Why would they need that ? Just rotate the Vanier between conferences every 2 years ( those that have stadiums able to hold the event ) . It would spread out the cost , making it much easier to finance , and such a regular schedule would be much easier promotion wise too. Say the OUA knows it will have to promote the Vanier for 2 years every 6 yrs. It will have a much easier time, developing long-term relationships with sponsors and Medias, than if UWO is stuck in a mad scramble to organize the event all by itself , with usually not even a year to prepare.