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I contacted USports media relations today, before our show taping to get confirmation on the story. They would not provide confirmation and told us that negotiations were ongoing for 2018 and 2019.


They are pathetic and just not at all professional. If Tanguay told the media, it is a done deal, it is a done deal, case is closed. VC QC 2018-2019

U sport is simply a bunch of FONCTIONNAIRES working from 9am til 5pm, with 1 hour lunch and 2 20 minutes break waiting for their pension. We are in 2018 and cannot event bring back the good old CAN-AM Bowl. Only one game for god sake. Would love to see Coach Constantin coach in that game. Canada would do good against all Star from Division 1 AA. oh well enough dreaming, we have to settle with Western and York, another 70-0 game etc,etc,etc,etc,