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Thread: Vanier Cup pre-game discussion (merged thread)

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    Default Vanier Cup pre-game discussion (merged thread)

    Very early to start this thread, but may as well go with it.

    "Introducing first: Fighting out of the purple corner, this man is a grinder in frat houses, clubs and tailgates. He stands 6-foot tall, weighing in at 225 pounds and was a damn good running back when he was playing, probably sexier than Blake Shelton. He holds 10 Yates Cup wins, with one also including a Mitchell Bowl. (Fans start cheering) He is the current Uteck Bowl Champion and will be challenging for the Purple Satans' first Vanier Cup in 23 years. Fighting out of London, Ontario.....Greg...'I don't rest my starters 'til the end of 4th Quarter'..........MARSHALL!!!"

    Applause occurs.

    "And now, coming down the aisle, from Quebec City, weighing 250 pounds and stands 6-foot-two tall. He is the current Mitchell Bowl Champion and also the defending Vanier cup Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome our one and only Glen "The opponents aren't as physical as everyone thinks they'd be", The Gargamel to the Blueskins out there in the island........CONSTANTIN!"

    You hear even louder applause, coming all the way from 20,000-strong PEPS.

    You know it now. Game on.
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