I thought someone closer to the game would have started a Uteck Bowl thread, but since it is Thursday, I decided to get it rolling.

So Western is of course highly favoured (a bit of understatement I think).

Can anyone update us on the status of the key Acadia players injured in the Loney Bowl?

Westen injuries are covered in this article from the London Free Press: http://www.lfpress.com/2017/11/14/we...the-vanier-cup

We saw a few tricks from Cummins in the Loney Bowl, and I expect more in this game. It seems to me that the more ahead they are the better Western plays, so I expect Acadia to take some chances early and hope to get into a lead both to shake Western a bit and to get their home town fans highly engaged. It was perhaps the wind and poor judgement on some throws, but Acadia did cause SMU to turn the ball over five times in the Loney.

If Wright is not back, will be interesting to see how Cameron Davidson can carry the ball against Western. With 22 carries and 152 yards he performed very well in the Loney Bowl.

So what does everyone think?