And now we go to midfield for the ceremonial coin toss...

"(referee):Introduce yourselves:
Smith, QB.
Maddox, LB.
Fetherstonhaugh, of Smart, Biggar & Fetherstonhaugh

Cluett, QB
Quick, DB
Tory, of Tory, Binnington and Tetrault

The coin we will flip today is a special ceremonial coin minted especially for today's game, available in the concourse for $19.99. The first side, the Four Frowning Presidents, shall be heads. The other side, illustrating the Sword of Legal Justice, shall be tails. Acadia, call it in the air."

The referee flips the coin. It lands on the turf. The referee stares at Acadia.

"One moment, your honour. I am conferring with my client.."