Well, I don't know how accurate these stats are, but this is what was on the canadawest.org site for attendance:

Manitoba 4646
Alberta 6030
Regina 9250
Calgary 10486
UBC 16504
Saskatchewan 18124

In spite of performance, Sask came out on top. I've only attended one game there and it was pretty impressive. UBC is on campus, but campus is not easily accessible. When I lived in Calgary (without a car), I didn't find it all that accessible. Another thing about playing in Calgary is the weather. I attended a couple playoff games there and if memory serves me right, it was -21 for one and -17 for another game. I was coming from Vancouver and no longer had winter clothes, so needless to say, it sucked, but I managed to keep my toes. Come playoff time, weather can be a big deterrent, except in Saskatchewan.