Laval peaking at the right time.
Calgary... not so much.

Laval is a rather young team.
Calgary has a bunch of 5th year players.

Always hard to win on the road in a bowl game, Laval is no exception
Laval won decisively the only time they played in Calgary however
...and is it fair to say that the crowd is not a factor?

Both team won a very emotional game to get their ticket for the Mitchell

Both team are pretty much the same as last year.

Could Laval injuries be a factor? (depleted LB and RB, OL is a ? for 2-3 key players)

I have a feeling that Calgary wanted that rematch.

At five days from kickoff, temp is expected thus far to be variable at -3, the wind not being a factor

Should be a great game to watch.

Prediction? Insides?