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Anyhow .... So, I think when the dust settles, Leo McPherson at X and Phil Currie at the AUS will have the most egg on their faces. Madame Justice questioned what the emergency was in cancelling the playoff game. They knew the ruling was coming down on eligibility in Ontario but they were in a rush to cancel SMU. She said if it ruled against SMU, it could have been cancelled then. They were also aware of clearance of ALL players but continued to press for them to be barred from playing. SMU had been completely exonerated and followed all procedures. It was also pointed out that it only became an issue after X lost to SMU for the third time. They were unable to explain or justify why they cancelled it. There was a 4 person executive committee that ruled it was cancelled for business reasons, one of those four was McPherson. It turns out there was a conflict, and, they had no authority to make that committee nor did they have authority to make any rulings on the game. One year in the eligibility rules (read that again) is one academic year, not a calendar year. Although they knew the ruling in Ontario, all other schools, including Acadia, pushed for the barring of players. To show further collusion, AJ was statistically the best receiver in the division, was not chosen as one the All-Stars, which has not happened before. From what I hear, he didn't get a single vote from the other four teams. She also ruled that the AUS is bound by the rules of USports. Football – Men’s
Participation, including affiliation, in the following leagues are subject to the charging of eligibility and prohibit participation in U SPORTS competition within one year of participation:
i) CFL regular season or play-offs
Participation in the following CFL opportunities are exempt from this rule:
a) CFL training camp
b) pre-seasonexhibitiongame
c) Listed on the Practice roster until August 15th
ii) NFL, NFL – Europe, the United Football League, and the Arena Football Leagues.
For the purpose of this policy, affiliation exists when an athlete’s name appears, with his acquiescence, on a practice roster, reserve list, injury list, suspended list, or retired list, or such other list that directly or indirectly confers a monetary benefit to the athlete after August 15.
The year of eligibility shall be charged to the academic year that commences in the fall of the same calendar year as the date of participation.

Therefore, according to the last line, he was eligible.
I feel sorry for the kid.
I'm going to guess Leo and Phil will no longer be in their present positions this time next year.
Too bad for Acadia and SMU as they'll have no time to prep for the next game.
There is more to come.