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    Default CIS lacks backbones in eligibility

    Yes, you heard it. CIS is really lacking backbones eligibility-wise.

    I'm not going to talk about Archelaus Jack, for that horse has been beaten to death. Instead, I may have found another louphole in CIS eligibility regulations :

    Not that I have problems with graduate school students playing and whatnot, but what if a 35-year old graduate student, a multi-sport athlete, can alternate few years here and there with each of his/her sport to the point where one would be playing at the age of 30? Because based on what I'm gathering with this, a two-sport athlete can get up to 12 or even 14 years (medical redshirt, graduate eligibility bonus added) of eligibility and in a sport like cross country and Athletics (or in NA term Cross Country), this can really be abused.

    Heck, I may as well go and claim that Toronto Varsity Blues won their CIS women's XC banner because they abused the lack of strict rules on CIS for this : Never before today did I hear anywhere of a 35-year old, a 2-time Bachelors and current PhD students (4x2+2+3...13/17 years in school????), competing in CIS level until this year but I guess it's possible because CIS probably lets people abuse the system since they have no backbones in their regulations!

    CIS really needs to set stone with eligibility, both in terms of pro-amateur boundaries and age, in their regulations. They could start by applying same eligibility years for all their time, so that there would be 8 eligibility years at most, RS, MRS and graduate included, regardless of whether one had participated in just one or two sport that year. And then, they really need to set up a specific place for eligibility because it looks like the main office doesn't even have one right now. Given the nature of intercollegiate athletics in North America, this is an absolute must - to have. And this just shows how far "U-Sports" is behind from NCAA.
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