Proposed eligibility changes, acknowledging that it is a common practice to bring in draft picks with the express intent of training them and exposing them to the pros, then returning them to their CIS team to work on things for their 5th year:

1) Any player appearing on a regular season or post season CFL game day roster, whether participating or not, is ineligible to return to the CIS
2) Any player appearing on a CIS practice roster once the regular season has started, is ineligible for CIS play for 12 months following the date of their release, provided their playing career does not contravene 1) above. (if we want to maintain the Aug 15th date that can be inserted instead).
3) Any players appearance on a practice roster after the regular season commences (again we can insert Aug 15 here) loses one year of eligibility, counted against the same year in the CIS season that they are on the practice roster. This rule specifically deals with the number of years available for a CIS career, but does not determine when return to play is authorized. For return to play see 2) above.
4) Any player who is on the medical reserve for the CFL for the entire season is deemed to have played in the CFL and rule 1) applies.