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You're being a little hard on the OUA, which is completely ok.

They've done at least as well as CW on a National stage, McMaster and Western both have close losses on the last decade.

I'd completely agree that the least amount of parity is in the OUA, I'd also argue that if any other conference had 11 teams the same score gaps would exist.
I put CW on a higher level than OUA in national stage, because CW has had lot closer contests against RSEQ and OUA in recent times, especially since 2013. (5 year cycle, so 2013).

Of course! That's why I said more or less in recent years, only OUA power that has done consistently well in nationals is Mac, that's why I actually see them lot likelier to do well in national stage than Western....unless Marshall is let go. Mac is a well-coached team, as we all know. Queen's was a well-coached team until recently and they won a Vanier (though took many steps to get out of conference)!

If Western, a team with that much talent and excellence in recruitment, can't win on national stage (or come close at least), that's a huge issue. 2008 weren't close losses, 2010 was but 2013 was a total destruction. Still no Vanier Cup appearance since 2010. Similar can be said towards Guelph, though I'll hold my horses on McNeill as a coach simply because of how recent it is.