My opinion about all this :

Competitiveness on national stage : RSEQ > CW > OUA > AUS - Laval or Montreal or whomever, we just have to give credits to RSEQ having a representative in the 6 consecutive finals since 2010!
Parity : CW > AUS >>> RSEQ > OUA - Bishop's going 1-7, Alberta with a phenomenal turnaround this year, Concordia coming very close to upsetting Laval earlier this year and Waterloo and 3 Jabronis not beating anybody in playoffs (though they did come close)

I may be very critical of OUA, but please understand that this is in part because McMaster's been the only OUA team who were able to challenge the likes of Calgary, Laval and Montreal since the last hurrah of Queen's beyond Yates in 09.