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Thread: Western U look to be the favourites to be in and win the Vanier

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    Default Western U look to be the favourites to be in and win the Vanier

    It's certainly been an interesting year.

    So while Merchant may not be Hec Creighton material....he's certainly senior and good enough, and their offence is strong enough to get the job done
    The rest of the team is great and can support any weaknesses he may have.
    Western has a Strong defence, and their ground game is stellar - even Laval's strong defence will have challenges stopping them
    Marshall looks to be learning from his mistakes, making good adjustments.
    As a Mac fan, it more than sickens me to say this, but they are better than good and this year, could be their year to win it all.
    Up to this point, Western has won every single game this year, and no other University has,
    Most importantly, they have gotten noticeably and remarkably stronger as the season went on...they did sputter coming out of the gates....but their convincing win against Laurier, and their games throughout Oct and now Nov, speak volumes..... Marton is even wishing a cold upon them.... Doesn't that say it all right there??

    Court is still in session in the AUS, so still a flip of the coin as to whether the Loney Bowl will proceed, but no matter if it does or doesn't, or who wins that game btwn Acadia and SMU if it does take place......Western will crush, just like they crushed the OUA teams...particularly end of season.....Laurier may have come close earlier in the season, but Western just continued to improve and rolled over them yesterday. And Laurier is not the low end of the OUA ...which speaks to how much Western has improved....consistenly. While SMU has had a very good season and had been doing very well turning a last place team in the AUS for the last several years around to making the Top 10, until their QB got injured, they are still a very junior team, with 84% of their players in 1st or 2nd year. Not experienced enough, even with talented players and good coaching staff to come close to or even beat Western. Acadia would also get hammered by Western - SMU beat then twice. This is not going to be a pretty game no matter who Western plays...unless Western suffers some catastrophic injury.

    Which brings me to Calgary.....
    While they've had a decent year, as they certainly do have some of the best in recruiting class in talent.... & their HC is good, they could have easily lost to UBC and have not won all of their games this year. And most importantly, they look like they are on a bit of down slide as the year progressed. Losing to Alberta 53 - 3, and their near loss to UBC last night, they are trending down..... I don't think they've got what it takes to make it past the next round.

    And then there is Laval.....
    Yup, they are a strong question...they recruit well, have a great coach, lots of funding, but they also have had some close games this year, against Con U 12-8, Con U's very talented QB Trenton Miller suffers injury in the 3rd Q of that game and lost and so they were not able to beat or come close to winning in their next match up game against Laval and it seriously impacted the rest of Con U's season. Laval had previously lost to Montreal earlier in the season, but other than Montreal and Con U bc, they are really only playing against much weaker teams, similar to possibly U of T, Windsor, or Carleton at best who simply can't compete with them. So it is at best this year, very difficult to gauge the strength of Laval compared with previous years...or other out of conference teams, but I'll say, they are still strong - can't take that away from them, but a team that can be beaten this year.

    Western could be just the team to do it.
    Trust me, it sickens me to say this Western has the best chance at winning the Vanier this year... and they would do the OUA up proud.

    This could be Marshall's year,
    Failing a serious injury to a key player, or major coaching mistake....Western should be in and win this one....

    Anyone want to predict the scores of the next games????????

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