Taking their 75 -32 win over Laurier for the Yates Cup as an indication, I feel that Western is in a good position to win the VC for the following reasons:

Marshall stepped away from calling the offence, which had been his downfall in previous "stressing" games, leaving the play calling to Steve Snyder.

I have know Snyder since he player HS football with my kid. I watched his progression over the years, both when he played for X, coached at X and when he brought a German team to win a national championship.

Marshall knew what he was doing when he recruited him. Here is an extract from a recent LFP article:

He brought in offensive coordinator Steve Snyder and let him call the plays. Snyder is the quiet guy who has put in an offence that may not be full of gadgets and tricks but plays to the players’ strengths. The final half of the season has brought consistency and execution and that’s on Snyder...
Snyder learned a long time ago that you have to play to the players' strengths, a quality that a lot of seasoned coaches have yet to learn and master...