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    .. that those 2 great play-off games (Hardy & Dunsmore) - 2 hard fought, down to the wire games - were not on National TV so that a lot more people / fans of Canadian football could not get to see them.

    Got to watch the Yates on CHCH - too bad it was a blow-out, but at least got to see it. Don't have TVA Sports on my satellite package so couldn't to see the Dunsmore. Was the Hardy Cup even on a major TV channel? And if the Aus title game was played (what a joke/farce!), then it wouldn't have been available on TV either ?

    Too bad all these Conference Championships are not on National TV - on a major network or sports channel (TSN or Sportsnet) AND promoted and hyped. CIS football deserves way more respect in it's own country !

    National semis are going to be televised, right ?
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