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This is probably simplistic and optimistic thinking, but I wonder what if EACH of us on this forum wrote several letters on why we believe that USports football should have broadcast coverage on national networks, sports or otherwise, in Canada and sent them to TSN, Sportsnet, our provider (like Bell, Shaw or Telus), etc. Maybe nothing would come of it, but I once read that a Canadian Prime Minister changed his mind on a policy because 10 individuals wrote, and he felt if that many people took the time to write an individual letter, that they must represent tens of thousands or more who felt the same way. Just a thought.
I would suggest a different approach:

  • Write to the federal leaders of the opposition to decry the fact that TV providers broadcast so little Canadian contents in sports while showing an inordinate quantity of American sports, for example Canadian University football compared to American College football.
  • Request that opposition leaders raise the question in Parliament and directly question Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, whose responsibility it is to foster Canadian contents in the media, stressing the fact that the Liberal Government promised during the last election to do so (increased funding to CBC was part of that promise).
  • Do not include the Liberal Government in the letter submission, hoping that one of the opposition leaders will "surprise" her with the request during question period.

I know from experience that writing to the government in power usually results in a personal reply "thanking you" for bringing the matter to their attention and stating that the matter will be addressed "in due time" or some other BS answer.

FYI, Mélanie Joly is currently being criticized across the country for her "gift" to Netflix in not taxing its revenues. QC decided thar her decision was stupid and will impose the provincial tax on Netflix.

Mélanie Joly's duties and responsibility are detailed at the link below: