I have enjoyed the AUSTV a lot, and while agree it is not broadcast standard, it does allow me to follow the Mounties from here on the opposite coast. I don't mind the quality not being superb, and in a way like the amateur feel of it.

That being said, I see the need for national broadcast of a set of key games throughout season, and all playoff games, but certainly hope any broadcaster will not be given any exclusive rights that will rule out AUSTV and similar in other conferences.

I agree with the poster who said that for the much younger group on-demand internet based is the future, so perhaps my yearning for traditional national TV broadcasting has missed the bus.

Along with broadcasting, we need someone to 'personalize' the product by building the story lines. Jim Mullin and group at KCU have done an outstanding job, but I wish the national print and electronic media gave all university sports more attention. I am grateful that regional sports coverage people like Monty Mosher have done a great job (and glad that AUS picked him up after the Chronicle-Herald situation).

Does someone know what universities in Canada, if any, offer programs in sports media specialization? I think that could be a part of an improved message. Like many here, I am disappointed by the quality and accuracy/currency of the new USports website. Well I have rambled too much.... sorry....