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That's fine for Ontario, where all the stadiums are in major population centres. Moving the Uteck was a horrible decision for two reasons - 1) there simply isn't the infrastructure in most of the locations to hold a national semi game. Compromises have to be made, and the event is far more expensive to mount in a non-Halifax location. Even moving to the area's other population centre, Moncton, was a disaster (Acadia and Laval). 2) The way the AUS does it is that the schools are on the hook for a lot of the costs. For example, the AUS COULD contract with a company to rent portable stands for a date, location to be announced, then at the conclusion of the Loney Bowl game, they can direct the company where to deliver the stands. Instead, each school has to independently contract a supplier of portable seating and reserve the dates, sometimes with non-refundable deposits, and then make sure to cancel those arrangements if/when required. Now imagine doing that for every aspect to putting on a national semi game with one week's notice. And I haven't even gotten to the logistics of team travel/accommodation, publicity and advertising... It's taken a well-run, efficient national semi-final and made it a logistical nightmare.
CJ: This is university football, not the darn Superbowl or the Grey Cup.

Conference winners have the legitimate right to hold bowl games on their own field, whatever headaches it presents to the CIS. We've had this discussion before...