I have always wondered why do the Francophone Universities (aside from UQTR) in Quebec not have hockey teams? With the strong hockey culture in Quebec (or at least from my vantage point in Saskatchewan it would appear), you would think there would be a very strong league in Quebec, a separate conference, not simply a couple teams playing in the OUA. With a huge Major Junior and Junior A (oddly known as Junior AAA in Quebec) player pool, you would think there would be an impetus for Quebec hockey players to continue playing once they age out of Junior. I know there is no Senior AAA hockey in Quebec, so it isn't as if there are ample opportunities for players to continue to play beyond Junior. Does the QMJHL not have the education package that the WHL and OHL have? Seems like recruiting would be fairly easy for the vast majority of QMJHL players, since UQTR is the only in province option for hockey and a Francophone education, there would be plenty of players who would leap to a QSSF University league if there was an option. I know Montreal has (or at least had) a Women's program, so why didn't they add a comparable men's program? Laval would seem to make sense too as they seem to have money coming out of their ears in the athletic department (perhaps most of that money is funneled to the football team). So does anyone know why hockey died off at the University level in Quebec? Since they still award a "Quebec" spot for the University Cup, it would seem that at one point there must have been a separate Quebec hockey conference. What killed it off?